Responses to the petition

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"Police need to help in learning how to deal with mental illness or someone going through a mental episode. So many times a family reaches out for help when a family member is experiencing an episode, only to have their loved one killed. Our law enforcement does need training on how to deal with these situations rather than using deadly force."

-Claudette Mayer

"This young man did not deserve to die. I do agree there should have been a communicator with all these calls. This young man should have been brought up on their system before going to see what is going on maybe than they would have understood he was NO THREAT BUT TO HIMSELF. So shame on you officers who always shoot to kill and than try to get out of their error."

-Debra Walsh

"This has to stop!"

-Kenneth David

"I’m signing because what was done was wrong!!! We cannot bring Eudes back but we can stop future Eudes!!! This is madness and must stop"

-Ruddie Daley

"We want justice."

-Ibrahim Barry

"Eudes should have been alive today if the laws were put in place to protect young Americans who experience mental distress. Eudes ‘killing left his mother and his brother in endless pain when his death could have been prevented. I hope that this law is passed so that other young people like Eudes in the minority community don’t have to experience the same thing."

-Carlene Francois

"Until society accepts life as a precious commodity, inhumane acts will be common practice."

-Eric Machicote

"An injustice was done and I am outraged!!!"

-Marge Lacoste Langston

"Mental Health is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed. He should be here today with his family especially his mom and older brother. He’s my cousin and his death could have been avoided in so many ways. Change needs to happen now!"

-Jessica Normil

"There's needs to come a change with the meaning of serve and protect."

-Antonio Cortorreal

"Training for local law enforcement and protocols used should be altered in a way to protect the mentally ill as much as possible without endangering officers."

-Shah Franklin

"We need our police to be better trained. They are not just dealing with criminals. They are dealing with children, mentally ill, scared, homeless individuals. Police should be part of our community to work with us. If this affects one of us it effects all of us!"

-Cassandre Celestin-Michel