What Happened to Eudes Pierre?

Life, Death, and the "Eudes Pierre Law"

A cry for help can be hidden in different forms. On December 20th 2021 Eudes Pierre, a beloved member of his community, did exactly so.

This story started two years prior when Eudes was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder after his first known suicide attempt. Eudes was hospitalized at Kings County Hospital after his mother called law enforcement.

At approximately 04:10 AM Eastern Time the New York Police Department received a call about a man carrying a knife and a gun. The 71st precinct located at 421 Empire Blvd responded to the call. When they arrived on the scene they found Eudes with a small pink kitchen knife in one pocket and his hand in his other pocket. Little did they know Eudes called the cops on himself.

That Monday morning a selfless man, a beloved man with dreams and aspirations of one day retiring his mom was fatally shot and killed by the NYPD. Two NYPD officers fired a total of 10 shots at Eudes, seven by one officer and three by the other, fatally murdering him.

Eudes Pierre ,17, Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment

We are asking for the ‘’Eudes Pierre Law’’. This law would require that when a call is placed and received by the 911 operator they are required to ask "if the person is having a mental health crisis?" Once the 911 operator determines that it is a Mental Health Emergency, we are asking that the following personnel's are always present: Mental Health Specialists as the first line of help. Followed by EMT's and Police as the last line of help. Alternative solutions are needed instead of the lethal method that is currently being used by the NYPD. This law is also asking that trained personnel and resources needed should be mandatory to those diagnosed with mental illnesses and their families. The "Eudes Pierre Law" will stand for this!

Mental health is a serious issue and should be treated as such especially in New York State. According to Correct Crisis Intervention Today " since 2007, 25 New Yorkers have been killed by police during mental health emergencies." While this tragedy will forever be engraved in our memories, we are asking that the narrative of it comes with a problem solving outcome. This is why we are calling on our elected State Legislators and New York City Council Members to stand with us. This is an issue that has gone unnoticed in our community by New York City for far too long! We as his friends, family and community are asking for more from those who took an oath to “serve and protect the community”. This incident is not the first, but we are advocating for this to be the last cry for help that goes unanswered.

Mental Health Matters.

NYPD, Don't Kill the Mentally Ill.

Protect Me, I'm Human.



The following videos contain material that may be harmful or traumatizing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.