Who Was Eudes Pierre?

Support system to friends, family, and colleagues

Eudes was a beloved son, a younger brother, and a good friend to many. During his time at his high school, Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment, he was a part of Peer Leadership - a group of young teens trying to make a difference in their community through educating colleagues on the dangers of domestic violence, human trafficking and cyber bullying. Eudes was also a devoted basketball athlete who played on the junior varsity and varsity team.

During his time at the College of Staten Island, he played for the CSI Dolphins and continued to explore ways to be creative. He expressed his self through his music where he took on the names EP and E2daP. Eudes created comedy skits with his friends, often finding ways to put the spotlight on them. Additionally Eudes expressed himself through his poetry, where he would write down his thoughts and feelings and share them with the world. Using his charm and charisma, he grew into a master marketer helping small businesses and party promotions to grow.

A dedicated man looking to help his mom; Eudes found creative ways to make money. Some of his other jobs included Starbucks barista, and at one point even making Uber Eats deliveries on foot until he could afford a bike. Eudes was 26, and only a few credits away from earning his Bachelors degree.